Welcome to the new Instagram for Developers Blog! First, we wanted to thank you all for investing in the Platform, providing feedback, and helping us build a useful, stable, and lasting ecosystem. We appreciate your ingenuity and patience as we’ve worked hard to provide tools and features that help you highlight the moments captured by the Instagram community. Your passion, imagination, and savvy continue to inspire us to work even harder. Our growing team is eager to “give back” through more communication, a better bugs process, and a new developer community.

More Communication

This blog will serve as one of many channels by which we hope to keep you posted on what’s happening with the Developer Platform. More specifically, we’re looking forward to letting you know about new API features, bug fixes, how-tos, and other changes that could affect your implementations or planning. Please make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed at the bottom of this blog so you don’t miss out on breaking news.

Filing Bugs

We’re happy to formally announce a new bugs tool. You might’ve already seen the “Report Issue” button in the Manage Clients section of the Developer Site. Now you have a way to privately submit your bugs, including data that you might consider sensitive with groups. We’re committed to helping understand where you might be encountering issues and getting those resolved as quickly as possible. As developers you understand that the better you can detail the issue along with reliable steps to reproduce the issue, the quicker we can locate and resolve the issue. We’re here to knock these down, so help us help you.

Developer Community

Great developers help other developers. To date we’ve been using Google Groups as a place for Instagram developers to communicate with each other. However, we know that there is a strong and growing community within Stack Overflow. Starting this week, we will be actively monitoring Stack Overflow while removing the Google Group. If you have questions that have not been answered, please add those to Stack Overflow or use the “Report Issue” button in the Developer Site.

Thank you again for all of your feedback, passion, and creativity using the Instagram Platform,

Piyush Mangalick
Head of Instagram Platform